Clemtex Test Equipment Kit, Basic

Manufacturer: Clemtex

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The following items are included with the basic kit:

Part # Description
DFG500 0-80 mils Dry Film Thickness Gauge
STDS1 Calibration Standards, 0-60 mils
WFG100 0-20 mil Wet Film Gauge
WFG100B 4-60 mil Wet Film Gauge
PBAG Nozzle Orifice Gauge
NPG100 Needle Pressure Gauge
NPG20378 NPG Replacement Needle
DIGPSY Digital Psychrometer
315F 0-150F Surface Temp Gauge
7326 Testex Micrometer
7326C Replica Tape
7326XC Replica Tape
SSPCVIS1 SSPC Degrees of Cleanliness Boooklet
S2 Inspection Mirror
TEC11 Test Equipment Case


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