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2.8 Gal Spray Package w/ 2" Head SpinCoater
$2,266.00 $2,120.00
88VX Respirator Package
$1,405.00 $1,250.00
Leather blast gloves
Premium, double-palmed leather blast gloves for optimum protection. Kevlar stitched for durability a..
$16.99 $12.75
Needle Pressure Gauge
The Clemtex Needle Pressure Gauge is designed to measure air pressure in blast hose and air hose. Pr..
$145.00 $130.00
Nozzle orifice gauge, pressure blast analyzer
The Clemtex Pressure Blast Analyzer Gauge is designed to measure the orifice size of an abrasive ..
$107.00 $88.00
Nozzle, CSD-5, 5/16" orif x 5-5/8"
A blast nozzle accelerates the air and abrasive as the mixture exits the end of the hose. The taper ..
$189.00 $135.00
SpinCoater, 1-1/2" head, for 2"-5" ID pipe
Ideal for 2"-5" pipe. Clemtex Heavy Duty Spray Coaters are designed to apply intern..
$1,475.00 $1,305.00
SpinBlast HD Tool, w/electric motor and carriage
Ideal for I.D. pipe Greater than 14". The Clemtex SB-636-B Heavy Duty Spinblast Tool is designed ..
$11,350.00 $7,200.00